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Virus Effect

The object in Virus Effect games is to have control of the most armies after you have placed all the tiles. You will receive a numbered tile at each turn. Think long and hard before you make a move in this cool puzzle game !

For fans of Flash virus effect games, we have a little something for everyone. We spent some time collecting the very best tile based strategy games. You can play any of the games in this section online for free whenever you have the spare time. Just be warned that these types of games can be addictive! In Proximity you place numbered tiles on the board. If you have the higher number, you win the tile. Once all the tiles are played, the person with the most tiles on the board wins. This game is simple, but can be really addictive once you learn how to play. Be prepared to spend a few hours trying to get a high score.
For a game based on small cells, try Phage Wars. You need to adapt and take over the bad cells in order to grow and survive in this game. At the end, if you have more cells you're the winner. With great graphics and gameplay, this is a favorite virus effect game of ours. You need to click the caps in Cap And Pop. Once you click them enough times they pop, affecting the caps around the one you pop. The goal is to pop them in as few clicks as possible. The game dynamics in this title are really great and make for a fun time.