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Easter Games

Who doesn't like Easter? Brightly decorated eggs at a wonderful breakfast. These games are all about this special holiday. Paint the prettiest eggs or try to find where the Easter bunny hid his Easter eggs!

From decorating eggs to helping one of the most famous bunnies around, our collection of Easter games will keep children of all ages entertained for hours. In Easter Service you need to deliver Easter presents in a truck. After waiting for the truck to be loaded up, you need to finish the course in time to make sure everyone gets their holiday treat. Do you have what it takes to get through all the levels on this one?
For something fun, try Bunny & Eggs. You're a bunny in this one and need to collect as many eggs as you can. This sounds really simple, but the game gets increasingly difficult the more you play. This is one of our favorite Easter games to play online for free. Easter Memory Game is perfect for younger children who are just learning how to play games. This memory game is like all the others except that it has an Easter theme on all the tiles. This is a lot of fun for children and can help them improve their memory the more they play!