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8.2 / 10 - 1876


In Jetbus, your goal is to transport people to their destination. The longer you take to pick them up, the less money you will make. You will beat each level by reaching the required amount of money. You will lose the level is you take on too much damage. If you are playing in hard mode, you will also lose if you run out of time. You can use nitro and brakes to help you win. Use the arrow keys to impulse your vehicle in that direction. Use the left or right arrows plus the 'Z" button to use your nitro. The 'X" button is used to abruptly stop your vehicle. "C" is used to teleport to your destination, but you can only use this with the Time Machine vehicle. Press the "P" button to pause the game, the space bar to continue, and the "ESC" button to go back. Good luck!

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