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Land Safely

Do you have the skill set to land your plane safely? Do you have the sharp eye, steady hands and nerves of steel? You are responsible for your crew and passengers so be careful, very careful!

We have a collection of the best Flash Land Safely games you can play online for free whenever you have the spare time. Whether you're a new gamer or you have been gaming for years, we think the games in this category will get you excited about landing different vehicles safely. The goal sounds simple, but it's all in the details. This is why these games are so addictive for some people.
One of the Land Safely Flash games we really like is TU-95. This is a realistic flight simulation that really takes a bit of time to master. Once you do, you're going to love seeing if you can pull off a perfect landing in less than stellar conditions. If that doesn't suit you, then Puzzle Farter or Cluster Lander are two other good Flash games where you need to safely land. From helicopters to airplanes real and imagined, we have all different types of Safe Landing games. Whether you're a new gamer or have been playing for years, we think you're going to like some of the titles we have selected for this category. Taking off is easy. It's the landing part that's a little tricky.