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Collect and Fly

The goal in these games is to collect stuff while you fly around, wheter you are playing a dragon or a helicopter. Try out all the games and pick your favorite. Good luck !

With our collection of Collect and Fly Flash games, you get points by flying around and collecting items. You can be a dragon in some while in others you may be flying a helicopter or something else. Either way, the game comes down to what you can catch as you fly around the screen. Sometimes there are bonus items you can get that will act as a power-up to make your task easier.
One of the more popular games in this category is Dinosoars. In the game, you need to swoop in and get dino eggs. You can also soar through the sky as a pterodactyl as you try to gather all of your eggs. The more you get, the higher your score. You need to make sure you avoid the enemies - or stun them when possible. This Flash collect and fly game is a lot of fun. Two of the best Flash games we have in this category might be Rocket and Save The World, both of which are exciting in more ways than one. If you're good, you might be able to get the high score. With practice, you'll get better. And don't worry, these games are free so you can play all you want without spending a dime.