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Fan of swords and ninja's? You've come to the right place. This cool game lets you crawl into the skin of an awesome ninja.

If you like Aitchu action games, you're in the right place, my friend. We not only have all three popular Aitchu Flash games, we have similar video games you may like if you're a fan. Whether you want to play Aitchu 1, Aitchu 2 or Aitchu 3, we have them all - and more.

In the series, you play a ninja who is out for adventure. The trick is in staying alive when going against the different types of enemies in the game. You control the character with the keyboard, including movement and fighting. This is a simple game, but a lot of fun. Be prepared to spend some time to get through the final levels. They are a bit tricky. After you have beat all three Aitchu video games, come back here to get some idea on similar types of games that you can play. We offer a wide selection available, and you may find that you stumble across one you like even more than Aitchu. Old side scroller games like this can still be a ton of fun and we double-dare you to try one today. The way of the ninja is full of adventure. Do you have what it takes?