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8.2 / 10 - 1010

Armadillo Knight

If you're fond of medieval times than search no more. Help the Armadillo Knight fulfill his many quests. With giant swings of his big sword this brave mammal crushes every enemy that stands in his way.

What is an Armadillo Knight? Good question! If you don't know, the only way to really find out is to play the games. Yes, you can play the Armadillo Knight Flash games more than once to make sure you get the highest score possible. The fact more than one game in the series exists is testament to how many people love the adorable and ferocious character.

Can you help the Armadillo Knight fulfill his many quests? That is the question you need to answer in Armadillo 3, Armadillo 1, and Armadillo 2. We recommend all of them, but you should really start with the first one if you want to follow the storyline and experience the game like most other people. Having said that, you can start with the third one and work your way back while still enjoying the Armadillo Knight Flash games online. And if you like this series of games, you might check out our collection of Jump to the Top Flash games. You may find something else you like. While nothing can really compete with the Armadillo Knight, being able to play other characters and mix it up a little is what video games are really all about.