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Fancy Pants

Have you ever been bothered by the outfit of your favorite superhero? Well, search no more! The champ of this game not only beats all his enemies he also has fancy pants. Forget about Superman, Batman and Spiderman, this is the real deal!

For fans of platform games, our collection of Flash Fancy Pants games will provide hours of adventure and excitement. Combining a little of Avoid and Run, Jump and Run, Jump and Shoot and Jump to the Top style games with Flash Stickman Games is what's needed to try to describe Fancy Pants. And that still doesn't do the games justice.
In the original Fancy Pants, you need to take your little stick man through the various levels. These get harder the further in the game you get. If you're a Fancy Pants champ, you'll be able to get all the way to the end of the game. This is not as hard as it sounds once you start playing and get used to the controls and how to move around. Once you beat the original, you might want to check out Fancy Pants World 2 so you can continue the adventure. The fun doesn't stop with that one. You can go on to play Street Jumper if you want even more Fancy Pants fun and adventure. Learning how to do the best jumps will allow you to get the highest score possible. Can you become the best in your circle of friends?