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8.1 / 10 - 820

Castle Cat

Castle cat is an amazing game. It's funny how a cute cat game like this can have such thrills in it. Try to beat all the enemies of this little cat! Meow!

Not heard of Castle Cat? If not, you need to try one of these great side-scroller Flash games. They're free, easy to play, and can be cute, adorable, and even a bit funny. You may want to start with the first adventure - the classic Castle Cat. Once you beat this game, you can turn your attention to the sequel.

In Castle Cat 3, you can use bombs and your trusty mace to fight your way through aliens and snakes. Oh, and don't forget all the memorable bosses at the end of the levels. If you jump on the cactus, you can gain some bonus points. You move by using the arrow keys. The levels are time based, so you may be in a bit of a hurry. If you liked any of the Castle Cat Flash games, you should look around to see what else we have in this category. We have a wide assortment of Run and Jump side scrollers as well as the ever popular Jump to the Top type games. The fact you can play them all online for free just makes them that much better. Try to save the castle as a cat first, but when you're done, stick around to see the other great games we have to offer.