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Ice Games

Brrr, put on a nice warm sweater because these games will make you shiver! From real brainteasers to puzzling games to adventure games, we have all sorts of ice cream games for you.

The ice cream man is coming into town and he needs your help getting everyone what they want! You might want to throw on a comfy sweater to keep you warm while you're playing some of these ice cream games. We have all sorts of games featuring ice - something for gamers of all ages. In Ice Cream Sandwiches, you need to make ice cream sandwiches that will have everyone happy. Do you have the cooking skills needed to mix all the ingredients in the right order? This cooking simulation features the best kind of ice around - ice cream!
For something a little more mindless yet still quite a bit of fun, check out Pound Ice Walls. In this one your character has to pound walls of ice. This doesn't sound like much fun, but you might be surprised at how addicting this game can be! We also have a great Flash driving game that features ice - Ice Road Truckers 2. You need to make sure your truck stays on the road in this top down driving simulator. This isn't as easy as it sounds because of all the ice patches on the courses! Can you complete all the levels?