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Strategy Games

These Online Stragey Games ask a little more brain than the other games on this site. You really have to make a plan to defeat your enemies by being smarter and more strategic, whether it's a war game set in 1917 or during the Roman Empire.

If you enjoy playing Flash strategy games, you're going to love this category. We have found the best war games for you to play. We also have strategic games that don't have any violence. Whichever type of gameplay you enjoy more, you're sure to find a title in this section that you will want to play again and again. You can try to liberate France in WWII in Warfare 1944. You're going to need to take a look at your forces and the enemy and come up with a good strategy to get all the way from Normandy beach to Paris to fight back the Germans.
For an even older battle, try Warfare 1917. In this one, morale of your troops is important - almost as much as their health score. You're going to need to have a winning strategy in order to get to the final stages of this great Flash war game. If you want a multiplayer strategy game, look no further than Goodgame Empire, which has a lot of options and features. The fact you can play against other humans around the world make this game even more exciting. Do you have what it takes to be a winning general who can make it all the way through each of the battles to win the war?