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Hotel Games

Running a hotel is not an easy task. You will have to plan ahead and give the right commands to your employees. With our hotel games you will constantly be busy. If you practice and make sure everything has been taken care of in time, you might just reach the highest score possible. Our online hotel games are all about keeping your guests satisfied.

Our Hotel simulation Flash games will keep you busy as you run around and try to operate a hotel efficiently. Keeping all of the guests happy can be a bit tricky! If you stick with it and learn what you need to do, you may be able to finish the game with the highest score possible. The games in this category are free to play online. Your time management skills need to be top notch when you play Janes Hotel. You're the manager of a busy hotel and you need to make sure everything is taken care of smoothly or your guests are going to get upset. How well can you do managing this hotel?
In Castle Hotel, you've turned a castle into a hotel, but that's just the beginning! Now that the hotel and resort is open, you need to make sure everything is taken care of in time. When you're the owner of a place like this, you never know what you're going to run into next. In Jane's Hotel 2, you're the hotel manager at an upscale place where rich and famous people stay. You're still going to have a lot to do to make sure everyone stays happy and you keep the hotel running smoothly. This is one of our favorite Flash hotel management games.