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Nanny Games

Being a Nanny isn't always easy. See whether you can handle this job by playing our Nanny games. Some of these games are puzzle games while others let you team up with a kind Nanny.

Want to play some great nanny games? Babies might look cute and smell great, but when you play these games, you're going to realise that it's not easy being in charge of taking care of children! See if you have what it takes to be the new Mary Poppins! To start with you might want to try The Great Baby Rescue. In this one you have to keep track of all the little babies and make sure they stay safe. This is easier than it sounds because a lot of babies that need help! You have to feed them and more in this great nanny game.
Another great title in this section is Super Nanny. You're watching four babies in this game and have to watch them carefully! When they need something, you need to make sure you act fast so that they stop crying and don't wake up their mother! For something a little different, try Nanny Dress Up. This is a simple dress-up game, but you're dressing a nanny character which is a lot of fun. You get a great selection of different outfits to wear in this one. It's a great way to pass the time and fun for little children.