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7.9 / 10 - 220

Another Planet 2

Another Planet 2- Retrieve the Diamond! In this game, your objective is to make it to the diamond without dying. In each level, you will start out on a platform. You must jump from platform to platform without falling off the edge. Your main objective is to retrieve the diamond on the other side of the level. You also have a laser gun. Use your mouse to fire your laser by left-clicking. You can use your laser to cut the brown platforms, if and when you need to. You cannot cut the metal platforms. Use either the directional arrows or the W,A, and D keys to move. After completing each level, you will advance to the next, but each level will get harder, adding more obstacles to get around. Don't fall off the ledge, fall into lava, or get hit by bugs or you will die and have to start over. Good luck!

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