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Jeep Flyer

Draw your own course and jumps and get big air! In this game, your objective is to try and draw a cool course for your Jeep. Try to create a course for your driver to follow, catch speed, and eventually hit a jump and catch big air! Use your mouse to click on the pencil button to draw. Click the arrows to move the screen over to continue drawing. You can keep moving the screen over as much as you want to create a long course. The stop button at the top of the screen will stop your run. The Garbage picture will throw away your drawn course and start over again. Once you have drawn something, click the play button and watch as your driver follows down the course and hopefully catches some big air! This game is more of a trial and error kind of game. You have to keep drawing different courses until you find something that works for your driver. You can come up with hundreds of different courses to see which one gives you the highest air! Good luck!

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