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Runestone Arena

In this RPG, take control of your own team of gladiators competing in Runestone Gladiator League! You will start at the bottom of the third division and battle your way up to the Runestone Gladiator League and eventually the championship. Each action costs movements points. Once a gladiator has acted, he has to wait until all of his movement points have regenerated. Agile gladiators tend to act faster than those with low speed. Slower actions, like attacking, take longer than quick actions, like walking. Casting, for example, is slower than walking. In addition to movement points, each action costs stamina. Once a gladiator runs out of stamina, he has to wait additional turns to act again. You can buy weapons, armor, and spells to help you! To attack, use your mouse to click on your weapon, then click on the target you wish to attack. The match ends when one of the teams has no more gladiators left standing. The winner gets a bonus of gold and three points. In addition to that, the home team always gets money from ticket sales. Good luck!

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