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7.9 / 10 - 104

Treasure Hunter

Dwarf's King Modsognir has decided to marry off his daughters. Each attender must bring a wedding gift. You must try to find as many gems as you can to give as a wedding gift. You will be in an underground mine, using your pickaxe. You must make it through each level without dying. You will have to make it over a number of obstacles, including spike pits and enemies. Use the arrow keys to move your character. Use the "A" key to jump. You can hide in caves to avoid enemies. To hide in a cave, press the up key. To unhide, press the down key. Some rocks can crumble. Jump into them to break them and clear a path. To use your pickaxe to help break rocks, press the "S" key. Let's see if you have what it takes to make it through all of the levels alive!

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