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4x4 Games

Since the introduction of the Audi Quattro in the World Rally Championship in the early eighties, the racing world has changed. Now it is all about getting power to all four wheels, and with these games you can try that out for yourself!

Full of excitement and requiring skills, you may need to play these games more than once in order to master them completely. If you're into driving games and off-road vehicle racing, you're going to love most of the games in this category. The most popular 4x4 game we have at this time is Monster ATV. You get a wonderful big monster truck in this one and have to finish each course in order to advance to the next one. This is a side scrolling racing game - the type that a lot of people really like.
For something a little more destructive, try Monster Truck Demolisher. You get a monster truck in this 4x4 game as well, but you need to crush cars through all 24 levels! Do you have the 4x4 driving skills needed to make it to the very end in this one? One of our best 4x4 simulation games is Extreme 4x4 Racer. You're going to have to perform extreme stunts if you want to get enough points to get through to the very end of the game. The first few challenges are pretty easy, but it gets harder as you go along and you're going to need all your 4x4 driver skills to finish this one.