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Highway Racing

Get in your car and take a cruise along the highway. Maybe a adrenaline filled race is a better choice of words than a cruise. Evade the other drivers and be the fastest on the streets. Drive safely!

When it comes to Flash Highway Racing games, we have some of the best around. On top of being fun and challenging, they're free to play online. Whether you get behind the wheel of a sports car or an eighteen wheeler, we think you're going to love these games based on racing down the highway at high speeds. Just watch out for the police!
Racing games are popular and these ones that take place on highways and other roads are no exception. For example, in Mad Truckers, you play a trucker barreling down the road trying to make your delivery on time. Can you make it without getting into an accident? Or you might try Freeway Fury. In this one, you're a stuntman who has to perform crazy stunts and tricks on the highway. Be careful - this one is addictive! Finding the best Highway Racing Flash games is easy. All you need to do is take a look around this page until you find something that you find interesting. No matter what type of vehicle you're racing in, we think you're going to love driving aggressively on the highway without having to worry about police or hurting anyone. Ready to race?