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Drifting Games

These Drifting are not for the faint hearted. With extremely sharp corners and high speeds you will always have to be at your best. Do you have the steel nerves to drift your way to the finish and become the Ultimate Drift Racer?

Remember the Tokyo Drift movie? If you love watching cars drift and slide from side to side in a variety of different locations, you're going to enjoy our collection of Flash Drifting games. You can choose between a number of different vehicles depending on which game you start with. They're all free to play online, so if you start with one and don't like it that much, you can move on to the next one.
We took the time to find the best car drifting Flash games around. Some are based on a certain popular movie series - Fast and Furious - while others are based on popular platform games - Need for Speed - but we also have a ton of games that are original, exciting and a lot of fun. Whichever you choose, we think you're going to enjoy improving your drifting skills. One of the more popular drifting video games we have currently is called Drifting 2. If that doesn't sound interesting, you might also try Donut Drift or Thump. They both will give you your fill of drifting cars to rack up the points with style and technique. Driving cars this way in real life can be dangerous, but you can fulfill your desire to go fast and perform tricks with any of the video games on this page.