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Building Games

In our building games you can let your imagination run wild. Take a pile of bricks and create something cool.

We have some of the very best building games to play for free online. If you look around, you'll see that we have many different types of games for all sorts of gamers no matter their age. From the very simple and fun to the purely creative builder games, we have something for all types of architects! In Jelly Tower Sandbox Edition you get to test your planning and designing skills. You start with one hundred balls that you need to drag down to the tower you are building. You have to make sure you put them in the right place so your tower doesn't topple and fall over as it gets higher and higher. What's the highest score you can get?
Another great builder game is Railroad Builder. In this one you need to create train tracks so that the train can get from place to place. You have a lot of different options in this one, but it's really simple to learn and get started. One of our favorite tower building games is Steel Tower. You're building with steel in this one so your tower can get very tall, but you still need to think about how you're building it so that it's stable - especially once you start getting really high in the sky!