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Clean Face

Who doesn't like a clean face? If you don't have zits yourself you can practice this skill right here. If you do have zits you can find out how it is to pop zits without damaging your own face.

Cleaning your face and being well groomed is important in the modern world. Our Clean Face Flash games can help make a point while having a little bit of fun. These games are not going to be for everyone, but we recommend you try the games at least once to see what all the fuss is about. While not for every gamer out there we think most will find a little humor in these funny games.
In Acne Be Gone!, you need to use the mouse to move the cursor and pop zits on the face and neck. Yes, it sounds gross, and it is a little weird, but don't you want to know how many zits you can pop in the allotted time? Now you can find out without damaging your own face! This isn't the only Clean Face Flash game we have available. Our other best Flash game involving hygiene is Pluck My Tash. In this simple and cute game, you use tweezers to pluck a man's moustache. The game is actually more fun that it sounds! If you have a few minutes, we recommend you try it out. If not, play one of our other Clean Face video games for free online.