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Rock Paper Scissors

In a lot of cultures this game has become a tradition. Likewise in the worldwide gaming culture. Check out our top notch selection of RPS games!

If you want to play a Flash Rock-Paper-Scissors game online, we have you covered. Look around to see the choices we have available, including games that are similar to the classic RPS game. Do you have what it takes to make it to the end in these games? The time to find out is now. For something with a little more edge, try this version of Rock Paper Scissors. The gameplay centers around rock / paper / scissors, but it adds the twist of the opponent having to play Russian roulette if they lose. The game has cartoon violence, but it's an interesting twist on the classic.

Another popular title is Rock Paper Scissors 2. This one is not as violent. You play against the computer and have to see how many wins you can get total. If you do good, you might be able to get a high score. This is a simple game that's a great way to waste a little time. It's important to remember the basic rules: Scissors beats paper, paper beats rock, and the rock beats scissors. Unlike Big Bang Theory, there is no Spock move you can throw in. Still, these Flash Rock Paper Scissors games are fun to play.