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Funny Faces

Create the funniest face with these cool little games. Give Brad Pitt a crooked nose or huge ears. You can spend hours making the best and funniest face and share them with your friends!

Do you need a laugh? Our Flash funny face games will keep you entertained and smiling. While these simple games are well suited for smaller children, older kids may find them entertaining as well. No matter your age, seeing some of the crazy facial expressions is just too much. We dare you to try to hold back the laughter as you play any of the games in this category.
For starters, you should really check out Animals In The City, which gives you a cute quiz about your mood. Once you're done, you get a funny farm animal to explain how your day is going. The cool thing is that you can come back day after day to see if you're the same animal of if you've changed at all. Since it's free, you're not going to have to spend any money to come back every day. Two of the best Flash Funny Faces Games are Pick My Nose and Veghead Dress Up. They're both a little different, so we recommend trying them both to see which one you like better. Whichever one you choose, we think our collection of games will keep you smiling as you see all of the funny face combinations you can come up with while playing.