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Don't Get Busted

Try to kiss the co-worker without your boss seeing you or you will lose your job! Or try to sneak a peek at the cute girl next to you withour her noticing! In these games it is important to be very sneaky and try not to get busted!

Getting busted sucks. The goal of these games is to not get busted. This is not as easy as it sounds as there are a lot of obstacles in your path. Once you start playing and clear the easy levels in the beginning, you're not going to want to stop playing. Trust us when we say the real trick is in not getting busted by your boss or significant other for playing this game instead of working!
If you want to know where to start, we recommend checking out Sneaky Sneaky or Misbehave. They are both some of the best Don't Get Busted Flash games you can play online for free. And if those two don't interest you, we also have one called Kill Time In Your Office. This one is especially great if you're at work in an office when playing. Just don't get busted! These types of online Flash games are great fun and can help you with a little stress release and relief. In the modern world, being able to take a little break to clear your mind can help tremendously and these Don't Get Busted games are a wonderful way to bring your stress levels down while having fun at the same time.