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Cleaning Games

Nobody likes cleaning, right? Wrong! By making it a competitive game, even cleaning can be fun. Our cleaning games will show you that. And maybe, just maybe, you will learn a few tricks that will amaze your parents the next time you have to clean your room.

We have a great selection of the best cleaning games you can play free online. From dental cleaning to cleaning up a room, we have all types of situations that need someone to clean-up quickly and accurately. Some of the games in this section are a lot of fun and will keep you busy for hours. For animal lovers (especially cat lovers), Paws to Beauty 2 is going to be a lot of fun. In this one you get to virutally clean a cat. As you know cats don't like water, but this game is a lot easier than trying to clean a real cat. Still, it's a lot of fun for younger boys and girls who like pets.
In Dental Damage you need to make sure you clean all the teeth! This may sound a little gross, but it's not once you start playing. Children of all ages will have fun making sure the teeth are free from all the bad things. For girls and boys who need help learning how to clean their room in the real world, playing Valentine Party Cleanup can be educational as well as fun. The game is really easy, but the fact it helps teach good cleaning skills is why so many parents like the game. As for kids, they just like trying to clean the room in the shortest time possible.