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Thief Games

Being a thief is a felony and also quite dangerous. So it's better to stick to these games if you'd like to sneak into houses. Our thieving games will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Want to know what it would be like to be a thief without getting in trouble with the law? Check out great selection of the best games featuring thieves and crooks. We have quite a bit of variety in this section, so take your time and try all the games you want. One of the most popular thief games we have is Ace Ganster. You play an ex-criminal in a new city. Your goal is to talk to the local crime bosses and complete the tasks they give you so that you can earn money and pay off your debts! Lots of fun.
Another interesting title we have is Thief: The Quest For Jewels . In this game you need to move the mouse so that you get all the jewels before the bad guys touch your character. This is pretty easy on the first few levels, but it gets increasingly difficult as you go. Your thief skills will be tested in this one. Carbon Auto Theft 3 is a car thief game that's a little bit like Grand Theft Auto. Your main goal is to steal cars in this one. You have to make sure you do a good job so that you don't get caught by the police. This is a free Flash thief game you can play online and have fun with.