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Dr. Dentist

Time to pull some teeth! In this game, you will be the dentist and you will be required to strap your patient in the chair, and use your drill to drill out the patient's teeth. Be careful though! If you drill a rotten too, it will explode and the patient dies, ending the game. In order to figure out where the rotten teeth are, you must watch how many points you get for each tooth. If you get 100 points for drilling a tooth, then you are drilling right next to a rotten tooth. If you get 50 points, you are drilling two teeth away from a rotten tooth. 25 points, at least three teeth away from a rotten tooth. You must decide where to drill based on your points. Once drilled, you cannot un-drill them! Use the mouse to control your drill, and click on each tooth to drill it and determine your points! You are the dentist!

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