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Dentist Games

Nobody likes to go to the dentist. For most people the sound of the drill is enough to cause a panic attack. In these games the roles are reversed. You are the one inflicting unnecessary pain, while asking a patient with a mouth full of fluoride about his high school grades.

Having problems with your teeth is no fun, but our collection of dentist games are entertaining and educational. So get your toothbrush out and clean your teeth to start playing! The concept in Grape Crush is really simple, but this game is still a lot of fun. In the game you're a grape in someone's mouth. As the mouth closes, you need to move the grape to the spot in the mouth where the teeth don't line up so you don't get squished! How far can you go in this one?
For younger children, Baby Tooth Castle is a good choice. In order to build a castle the Tooth Fairy needs to find baby teeth that are hidden underneath clouds. You need to find 20 baby teeth in order to get past the first level. How good can you do before the time runs out? For fans of Asteroids the classic arcade game, Cavity Crusade - Dental Evolved is going to be a lot of fun. You need to protect your teeth from invading cavities by twirling around and shooting them down before they hit you.