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7.3 / 10 - 39


In Hexcelle, you control a "celle" made of hexagonal parts that can shoot, move, drop bombs, build armor, and develop special skills. The objective of Hexcelle is to take your celle as far as possible from it's starting point, uncovering as many areas as possible. You will meet other celles on your way, some hostile, some not. All can be destroyed for food. As your celle travels, you will collect food, which will allow your celle to evolve, adding more hexes to it's body. Collecting food and evolving is the only way to grow your celle. There are six types of hexes: armor, bomb, grow, missile, speed, and tech. Collecting each of them gives you special abilities. When evolving your celle, try to group similar hexes together. This can be done in close clusters or in lines. The type of hex and size of these "batches" will affect the behavior of the celle. For instance, the larger batches of missile hexes will allow the celle to fire larger missiles. You will also fire faster if the hex is going as fast as you. Each celle has a core hex, show darker than others. If a celle's core is ever destroyed, the entire celle will self-destruct. So protect your celle's core! Move your celle with the W, A, S, and D arrow keys. Fire missiles with the left mouse button. Drop bombs with the space bar. Evolve by pressing the "E" key (when you have collected enough food). Show the map by holding the shift button. Press the "P" key to pause and un-pause the game. Good luck!

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