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Avoid and Run

Can you make it to the finish line while avoiding all the obstacles? These Avoid and Run Flash games will test your skills as you complete level after level. If the screenshots look simple, you still need to play the games. The levels get harder. Some of the later ones may be too much for even the best player. You have been warned!
If you think you have what it takes to get on the leaderboards for any of the various Flash Avoid and Run Games online, we have a great selection of titles for you to play. Prehistoric 2 and The Last Dinosaur are just two titles we recommend as they're some of the favorites. You need to Avoid the other game websites and Run to us for all your free Flash games. Not everyone likes running and avoiding. In these cases, be sure to check out our Run and Shoot games or even our Jump and Run category. They're a little different than the basic Avoid and Run titles, but they can add a little variety to your gaming experience. Look around and try a game or two until you find the one that's perfect for you. Avoid and Run forever!