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Explosion Games

If you're in for an action-packed, thrilling game, play on of our explosion games! You will get an adrenaline rush with all the exploding objects around you. Our collection of explosion games will definitely satisfy all your need for action and explosion fun. Start with an easy game to practice your skills, then pick a more difficult game for a real challenge!

For action packed excitement, there's nothing like games with explosions. From small, controlled environments with exploding objects to explosions on a bigger scale, we have a selection of some of the most explosive games! If you like puzzle games with explosions, you're going to love Nuclearoids. In this one you need to blast the little balls by setting off a chain reaction. Will you pick the right one in order to get the biggest bang on each level so you can clear it? This game is very addictive.
For an even bigger bang, try Extreme Explosions. This is another exciting puzzle game that has plenty of big explosions. If you like to think before you mindlessly blow things up, this is the game for you. The best news is that it's free to play online. Cute Explosions has explosions, but as the name suggests, they're kinda cute and flashy. If you want more cartoon explosions, this is another great puzzle game that will allow you to blog things up to try to clear the level. We think a lot of people are going to love the explosions in this game.