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Halloween Games

Halloween is an amazing holiday of scary monsters and lots of candy. These games are perfect for every Halloween or horror fan. Be sure to try them all out!

Candy, costumes and pumpkins, that's what Halloween is al about! As you can see from the pictures below, we have a great selection of some of the very best Halloween games you can play online for free. We have titles for younger gamers as well as others that are a bit spookier and more challenging. To start with, we recommend that you try Halloween Runner. In this side scroller action game you need to make sure your character doesn't come into contact with any of the ghosts or other items on the screen. They'll come at you from every direction, so you really need to be on your toes to clear levels.
Fans of the original Angry Birds game are going to love playing Angry Birds Halloween. The game is like the other ones in this series, but this one has a fun Halloween theme. Do you have what it takes to clear all the levels in this game? For something a little different we recommend Spooky Spiny Cupcakes. This cooking game has you making Halloween treats. The controls are simple to understand. You should be able to jump right in and start playing this one, coming up with crazy Halloween treats.