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Transformers Games

As some of you might know, the transformers existed way before Michael Bay made his explosion filled blockbusters! Even though it is pretty old, nothing much has changed. Awesome cars, trucks and planes change into even more awesome mega robots. What's not to love?!

If you're a fan of the original Transformers cartoon show or the recent movies, we think you're going to like this category. Finding the best Transformers games you can play online for free is not easy. Lucky for you, we're constantly working to make sure we find the very best games with robots that transform and switch into other things.

For example, you might like Transformers Truck. In this one you're racing a certain transforming truck, trying to get to the end of each level without losing your cargo. The controls in this Transformers racing game are really easy to learn. In no time at all, you'll be playing again and again trying to get the highest score possible. This is actually a pretty cool racing game, but the fact that it has a Transformers truck makes it even better. Be sure to check back often as we're contstantly on the lookout for new and exciting Transformers games you can play online for free. When we find the best games, you can be sure we're going to list them here in this category so come back later to see if we'd added any new games.