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8.1 / 10 - 1012

House by the Shore

Time to build your dream house by the shore! In House by the Shore, you will be designing and building your very own dream house by the shore! Use your mouse to click on what type of house you would like. You can then decide what you would like to add to it. You can add lounge chairs, palm trees, ice cream sundaes, boats, sea animals, land animals, sunglasses, hats, and many other accessories! Design it however you would like it! Use your imagination and add anything! You can decide to keep it simple or you can add a ton of things! Use your mouse to click through all the options, then drag them and place them where you would like them! Once you are done, click the "done" button. You can then decide to save the picture of your dream house, or you can print it out. After that, start over again and design something completely new. Have fun!

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