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Summer Dresses 2013

It's time to dress up your character however you want! In this dress up game, your objective is to click through all of the styles of dresses, shirts, and shoes and choose which one you want your character to wear. Each time you click on one of the outfit pieces, it will automatically appear on your girl. Keep clicking until you find the one that you want to wear, then move onto the next item. After you choose which dress, skirt, and short you want to wear, you can then choose which type of shoes you want to wear! After that, choose your accessories! You can pick between many different bracelets, earrings, and purses! Choose your hair style and BAM! You're done! Admire your work and click the "show" button to see your finished character. You can then choose to start over and come up with something completely new and different! Have fun!

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