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Launch Things

You don't need to be an angry avian creature (like a bird!) to enjoy our collection of Launch Things Flash games. We have something for everyone in this category. Whether you're a strategy gamer or you like things with more action and adventure, we think you'll like this type of game because it combines a little bit of both. If you have some time to kill and want to have a little fun, you need to try one of the games in this category.
You can start with Learn To Fly, which is about a penguin. You need to slide down a hill and up a ramp to get good speed, altitude, duration and distance. All of these add up to give you your score. How far can you get the penguin to fly? If you can get on the high score list, you're doing pretty good. With practice, you'll figure out how to get the penguin to go as far as possible. If the cold is not your thing, you can try Shopping Cart Hero. In this one, you need to jump into a shopping cart going downhill so you can get a ramp and go the farthest. This one is a ton of fun and good for at least a few laughs. Another good Launch Things Flash game we like is Bamboo Shots. Whichever you choose, you're going to be flying through the air for hours.