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Battle Games

War and strategy games are great ways to pass the time. Our collection of Flash battle games will keep you busy for hours as you try to be victorious in each battle so you can win the entire war. It may take a little practice to beat some of the tougher ones, but you can emerge the winner. One of the best Flash war games in our collection is Battle Mechs. This is a turn based strategy war game where you control giant mechanized robots - mechs. This game is a lot of fun, even on the later levels when it gets even harder.
Another great battle games you can play online is Battle Masters, which is based on rock, paper and scissors, but it adds a little twist as you do battle. Do you have what it takes to get to the final fight and come out on top with the high score? The jousting adventure game Monster Madness is another great game that lets you do battle with a variety of different enemies. You need to have skill to kill your way to the final levels of this great Flash battle game. Ready to go to war?