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Shooting Games

Like to shoot at targets or enemies? Our collection of shooting games is sure to keep you busy and entertained for hours. Trying to make a single shot your last might turn out to be difficult, but the best thing about our collection of Flash shooting games is that they're free to play. No money is needed to get your fill of target practice.
We have some basic and simple games for beginners as well as more advanced shooting games for those with more skills who want a bigger challenge. No matter your skill level as a virtual shooter, we think you're going to find your fill of excitement with one of any of the Flash shooting games in our collection. Most of the games allow you to move with the keyboard and aim and fire with a simple mouse click. Be careful, these games can be addicting, especially if you see your name on the leaderboards and someone knocks you down! From handguns like the Glock to machine guns to rocket launchers and more, all the arsenal you need is right here. Both The Sniper and Warzone Getaway 2 are good places to start if you want to jump into the action and start firing right away.