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Our collection of Flash RPG games are sure to give you your fill of adventure and excitement. There's nothing like starting with a basic character and leading him through many perils so that you can get experience points to level up and gain new skills. And then there's the treasure you can find too! An arena RPG game you might like is Swords And Sandals 2. In this you need to compete in tournaments. If you win the duels and battles, you can get new armor and weapons so that you can do better as you progress through the game.
You also play a gladiator character in Swords And Sandals Ultratus. Do you have what it takes to leave the arena victorious? If you do, you'll be able to get better armor and weapons so you can last even longer. Getting to the end of this game can be tough, but RPG pros will be able to get it done. Another really good Flash role-playing game set in an arena is Talesworth Arena. The gameplay is simple - battle and win so you can get new equipment and riches. The controls in this game are easy to pick up. If you're a fan of RPG games online, you're going to love this and the other titles we have in this section.