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Monster Games

Be a part of the dark and shadowy worlds of fearsome monsters with our outstanding collection of monster games. Whether you like their creepy appearance or mighty powerful bodies, you will definitely enjoy our monster games. Some are difficult and others are easy and some more creepy and others not so much. We have a monster game for everyone!

Not all of the monster games in our collection are scary, some monsters are quite cute and funny! From very simple games that don't require a lot of skill to run and shoot type games including monsters, we have free games with wolves for gamers of all ages. In The Beholder, the goal is simple - capture (or consume) as many humans as you can. Yes, you get to play the monster, the Beholder, in this one. The gameplay is quick and easy to pick up - you move with the mouse - but the levels get increasingly difficult. How good of a monster are you?
If you want to play a mad scientist who creates monsters and has to take care of them, check out Gimme Food!. You control feeding machines and must feed the monsters without the liquid running into any obstacles. This is more difficult (and fun) than it sounds. For something completely different, try Mix A Monster. In this Flash monster game you and your kid sister have to put all the ingredients together to create a new type of monster. You have a lot of choices in this game and the monsters you can create are pretty funny - at least for monsters.