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Shark Games

Sharks are the most dangerous predators of the oceans. And with our shark games you get the chance to feel like one of these frightening sea creatures. You will have to be a swift swimmer but also a merciless killer. But if you like sharks, you will also enjoy our selection of online shark games.

Sharks are dangerous in real life, but when it comes to shark games, you're going to get a wide variety of different types of sharks - even some silly sharks if you can believe it! From simple coloring games including sharks to more advanced games that require a little skill, we have a lot of great games in this category. In Medieval Shark, you need to destroy the city while controlling the shark. This game is quite a bit of fun, especially if you like being challenged. The first couple levels are relatively easy, but once you start moving forward in the game, you're going to find the levels more and more challenging.
For a shark game that's a little different, we recommend checking out Mad Shark. You play the shark in this one and have to swim as far as you can while getting the most points. This side scrolling adventure is a little different because you play the shark, but it's a lot of fun, especially on the later levels. For those looking for skill games including sharks, check out Paranormal Shark Activity. You're going to need all the skills you have in order to make it to the final level in this game. Do you have what it takes to beat this game? Only the best gamers are going to have a chance.