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Cow Games

At first sight you might not associate cows with exciting online games. We hope to prove you wrong with our interesting selection of cow games! These peaceful farm animals turn out to have quite a thrilling life when you play our flash games. Enjoy the busy farm life with our collection of cow games!

Moo! Cows are simple creatures, but they have starring roles in some of our cow games. We truly have something for everyone in this category with puzzle games, sports games, and more - all including cows! For younger gamers, Clean My Cow is a good place to start. In this Flash game you can play online for free, you need to wash the cow. This is a really simple task, but the game manages to make the task a bit of fun. Can you get your cow ready for the State Fair?
Another great Flash game that has cows in it is Alien Thief. As you may have guessed from the title, you're in an alien spaceship and have to go around capturing cows. The early levels are easy, but the game gets more challenging the further you get in the game. This one requires a bit of strategy to win. If you want something silly and fun, try Cow Fighter. This one will have you laughing as you're throwing punches. Have you ever seen two cows stand up and box? Probably not, but this game will let you experience what it might be like! Can you become the cow boxing champion?