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Lego Games

Lego has been an inspiration for a lot of young geniuses. Build the most amazing creations with these simple but ingenious little blocks! The only limit is your imagination!

Fans of building blocks are going to love all the great Lego games we have in this section. These games are full of adventure and plenty of action. From running and jumping to shooting and escaping, you're gong to need a lot of skills to finish these games completely. One of the most popular Flash Lego games we offer is Lego Space Police. In this one, This overhead flying game requires you to maneuver your space police ship while shooting at the bad guys. This game is a lot of fun - especially on the more difficult levels!
Anyone who enjoyed the original Bomberman games will most likely enjoy playing Lego Bomberman. Set in the Lego universe, you need to be skilled and use your brain in order to be able to clear all the different levels in this Flash game you can play free online. For something that's more like real Legos, check out Brick Builder Garden Edition. You get a ton of different Lego bricks (including doors and windows) and you need to put them together to make a house - or anything else you want. This is one of our favourite Lego Flash games.