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Lion Games

The king of the jungle left the dark tropical forests and blistering hot Savannah to join you in our selection of online lion games. If you're a fan of this mighty animal, you will certainly enjoy these exciting games. Some of our lion games are more challenging than others, but with a bit of practice you might just reach the highest score possible!

If you love the undisputed king of the jungle, you're going to really like our selection of free lion games you can play online. We have games featuring lions for younger children as well as other age groups - including adults! From strategy games to side scrollers with a lot of jump and run action, we have something for everyone. For an easier game that still requires a lot of skills, try Pet Lion: 5 Differences. You need to spot the differences in this game with lion related artwork. The lions are cartoons, but it can be fun to see how quickly you can progress to the very final level.
If you want to play a nice puzzle game featuring lions, try Simba And Friends Jigsaw. In this free game, you rearrange the pieces so that the picture comes together. You're going to want to work fast so that you can see the completed picture at the end and go to the next puzzle. A great lion game with a little more action and education is Rumble in the Jungle. This is a find the letters game for smaller children who are learning their alphabet. The fact that it takes place in a forest and includes the mighty lion only makes it better.