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Piano Games

Playing the piano is not always possible. Sometimes you don't have a piano nearby or it is too late to play without everybody waking up. With our online piano games you can still enjoy this instrument without all the trouble. These games range from quite easy to difficult, which means there is a piano game for everyone.

If you're into music - playing it or listening to it - we think you're going to enjoy our collection of Flash piano games. From simple games that are easy for younger children to understand to more advanced piano simulators that will allow you to create beautiful music, we have something for all age ranges in this category. To start with, you might want to play a game like Piano Dodge. In this simple game you can play with a mouse you need to dodge the pianos as they drop. This sounds easy but this game gets increasingly more difficult the longer you play.
If you want something that is more directly related to making music on the piano, you're going to want to try ASD Piano Master Composer. This piano simulator has everything you need to create a musical masterpiece. If you love music, you're going to enjoy playing this one for hours at a time. In Piano Bar, you are a piano player in a bar. Your goal is to keep a woman entertained and get her interested in you. To do this you're going to use your trusty piano, of course. This game is cute and a lot of fun if you like music.