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Wolf Games

Do you admire the swift wolf running through the dark night and howling to the moon? Then our wolf games are perfect for you. We have a wide selection of games featuring wolfs. You can choose to play an easy game, but you can also go for a bit of a challenge. Whatever you feel like, you will be able to find it in our selection of wolf games.

The wolf is a noble and majestic creature howling at the full moon. Our collection of wolf games you can play free online are fun and some are even educational. We have wolf games for gamers in all age ranges. From riding and racing games to shoot-em-up space adventures, we have a little bit of everything in this category. Little Red Riding Hood Cookie Feast is a version of Pac Man for younger children. In this free Flash game, you play Little Red Riding Hood. You have to pick up baskets and try to avoid the big, bad wolf! Younger kids will have a ton of fun trying to get through each level without getting eaten.
If you're a fan of motorcycle racing games, you want to check out Werewolf Rider. In this one, you're a wolf creature who can ride a bike! You need to get through each course and perform stunts and tricks so that you can get a higher score. If you like wolves, you're going to like this game. One of our most popular wolf Flash games is . This is a game where you're a pig who needs to hit the big, bad wolf with a bat to get them to go far away. You need to time it perfectly, but if you're good, you can get the wolf further and further away from you!