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Cookie Hamster

Mom made some cookies and the Hamster wants them! In this game, the objective is to get your Hamster to the cookie. You will have to click on the "joint" to release it, which will then either make your hamster fall, and swing and hit your hamster, projecting him to the cookie. You can either click on the green side of the joint, or the red side. Whatever side you click, is the way it will release and swing, ultimately deciding which way your hamster will be pushed. Not all "joints" have 2 colored buttons. Some can only be released to fall one way. You can also try to collect as many coins as you can for an added bonus! If you push the wrong button on the joint, and cannot get your hamster to the cookie, push the reset button in the bottom right corner of your screen to start over. As you advance in the levels, they will get increasingly harder. Good luck!

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