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Guitar Games

Always wanted to play guitar but never got around to learning it? Now you can. Practice your guitar playing skills with these cool guitar games. Shred some tunes and play your favorite songs until you've mastered them all!

Whether you enjoy playing the guitar or just listening to it being played by others, we think you're going to like our collection of the best guitar games. From simulations to other games that require skill, we have something for all types of gamers. If you're familiar with Guitar Hero, you're going to like playing Super Crazy Guitar Maniac 3. Once you learn how the controls work on this one, you're going to have to play hard to hit all the right notes. You have a few different songs you can choose in this one which is really nice.
In Bounce Guitar you need to bounce the ball while the music is playing in the background. This is based on many classic games - including breakout. With a simple paddle you need to make sure the ball comes into contact with you so that you can continue to the next level. For younger gamers who enjoy guitars, Guitargirl Dressup is a good choice. This is a simple dress-up game, but the cool thing is that the main character has a guitar! For young musicians who like to play dress-up games, this one is a lot of fun.