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Match Shapes

For simple brain teasers, our Flash match the shapes games are sure to be a big hit. Some of the games are really easy, but others are a bit more complex and challenging. You can play any of our shape matching games online for free whenever you want to have a little fun. In Gravitime you use the power of gravity to pull balls together. Using a stream or ray of gravity you need to try to match balls of the same color to clear them. The early stages of this game are pretty easy, but it gets a lot more difficult as you go on. Not many people will be able to clear all the levels in time.
In Tropical Swaps you need to match animal shapes in order to score points and win the game. This is really simple but it's still a lot of fun and addictive. If you like match the shape Flash games, you're going to love any of the titles in this section. You need to empty the board of tiles in Magic Links before the timer runs out. You do this by matching shapes. The rules are a bit complex, but after a few rounds you'll figure out what's going on and will be able to try to get the highest score.